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This will NOT come as a shock to anyone who has worked with me; I do not take myself too seriously! What I DO take seriously is creating and implementing effective direct marketing campaigns for my clients.

Many of my competitors kick scratch and claw at each other to earn scraps of business from large corporations that require a lot of attention and resources – for not a lot of profit.

I have chosen to concentrate my efforts on small to mid-sized businesses, partly because it’s a less crowded pond to swim around in! But mostly it is my belief that when implemented correctly, integrated direct marketing can yield a great return on investment for businesses whose market is more localized and targeted.

I plod along unfettered, working with “not-so-huge” business owners, looking to increase sales. My customers appreciate the time I give them, the fact I am available just about any time of day, keep them posted on the status of their projects, present all types of solutions and occasionally get them to crack a smile. My customers tend to be loyal, grateful and are all too happy to refer my services to family, friends and associates – and it hasn’t backfired on them yet!

The opportunity to work with you and help grow your business is why I started DIRECT Etc. . Let me buy you a cup of coffee & earn your business!

Company and Philosophy

DIRECT Etc. . was founded in 2010 by John Irving.

Since 1998, John worked successfully in sales and marketing for several direct mail production companies. After 12 years John decided to commit his efforts and energies to helping small to mid-size businesses market like much larger ones.

“During  my career in the direct mail services industry it become increasingly apparent my small to mid-sized clients needed more help with strategy, concept, creative design, mail/email list selection, printing etc.  By working with larger clients from industries as varied as real estate, travel, financial, the arts and more, I gained the insight and experience needed to help my smaller clients grow their businesses effectively.  

Furthermore, exciting changes occurring in direct marketing such as; Search Optimization, Email Marketing and Social Networking made the leap from simple direct mail production to full-scale direct marketing an obvious move. With DIRECT Etc.  I can dedicate my full attention to helping clients develop a well-rounded marketing strategy, creating and building strong relationships for years to come”
– John Irving

With a team of experts in every field of direct marketing including; list professionals, creative thinkers and designers, web strategists, printers, mailing service providers etc. DIRECT Etc.  is the proverbial one-stop shop for your Multi-Channel Direct Marketing.  

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